Well Done Graduates!

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Wow! Where have the years gone? I have so many friends who are graduating college or have children graduating college! My son Zachary just made his mother and I proud as he graduated this past sunday from LeMoyne College in Syracuse New York with his degree in religious studies! Congrats Buddy! Now go out and make me a lot of money..er…I mean Make me proud! haha! To all of you who have children and friends and loved ones graduating Congratulations! I would love to hear about them!

Update Your Blog Brother!

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Ok! Ok! I get it! Some of you have been visiting my site and asking why I haven’t kept up with the blog! Too many reasons to list. I want to thank you all who have emailed and face booked and said kinds words about my music and ministry. Thank you for liking my music and asking for more! More is on the way. Please visit indieheaven.com to take a quick listen or my facebook music page. Amazon.com is selling it digitally as well. Ok enough advertising! I promise to keep updating this blog if you promise to interact with me! I love friends and I love interacting with you! So lets have some fun! Let me know prayer requests, joys and whatever else is on your mind! Ok Im digging it! Bless you all! Howard “The Hitman” Lull

32nd Anniversary

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Today I celebrate my 32nd year anniversary with my wife. As I look back on 32 years of
marriage; I am reminded of things a mentor shared with me. I would like to share them
with you. It’s the area of “Women”. (go ahead and laugh and get it out of your system)
Believe it or not I have mentored in this area as well by my wife and daughter and I don’t
think they knew they were mentoring me or that I was listening. You may ask how can
a young lady and my wife mentor me. The truth is that even though we are related by
marriage and blood; They are also my sisters in Christ. I have an obligation to honor and
treat them as such. And Humoursly I might add I still have a lot to learn!

I strive to learn the things that matter to a woman. I am married and have a daughter. 98%
of my profession is women. I am surrounded with only one way out! That way out is to
learn! So please enjoy the rest of this.

A woman is an investment. It is fascinating that God, who walked with Adam concluded
that Adam didn’t have all that he needed. So he created what Adam needed-Woman.

We know the Importance of a Woman. God compared her to his Church. And the whole
bible was written for the church. She is the value in a mans life. Not just a Christian man
but any man!

As a wife she is my greatest investment. She decides the size of a mans dreams, goals and
what he attempts. She is the greatest investment of my life.

Next to God my wife is the most important asset in my life. She is my confidante and
many times an instrument of hope for me. Probably more than she realizes.

The bible portrays marriage as the picture of a mentor-protégé relationship. God says to
a husband that he is to lay his life down for her as Christ did the Church. And we know
what happened there; he died for the church. I teach nourish and impart to her and she to
me. She does not learn through correction from the one she is intimate with because she
sees it as ‘disapproval.” Neither one of us can bear constant disapproval from each other.
( I have a couch that bears my witness of this). Ha!

I daily thank God that my wife is in my life and I lay down my life for her. What an
honor it is.

In this day and age of deception; I have chosen to be transparent. I am told not to get
too personal at work and I do understand there are lines that are to be respected and
not crossed and I respect those as well. I share this with you to offer hope and to affirm
you value in my life as well. Society tries to place value on certain people, incomes etc.
Please Be encouraged and know God holds you in high value.

Birthdays and Life

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Today is my birthday and I find myself reminiscing about my life and finding myself so thankful for the life God has granted me. I am so thankful for the people he has allowed me to have contact with and those who are my friends. I realize the years are passing by quickly and I want to be relevant in ministering to those who are hurting and those who need hope and encouragement. I often find myself needing that same encouragement so I desire to sow it in others lives. I am not interested in being known as the healthcare worker, the author, the singer-songwriter or anything else. I hope it is said of me that, “He Cared.” God sent his son because he cared. Jesus obeyed his Father because he cared. The Holy Spirit is still on the earth because the Father and son cared. If you want to give me a birthday wish; my request is that you too will care for someone who can’t repay you. Just love on someone who is discouraged and down. Pray for rest on those who are tired and weary. If  that is you, email me and I will pray for you! I appreciate you and I am glad you are in my life. I pray and thank the Lord for Psalm 103: 2, “Praise the Lord O my soul and forget not all his benefits-” It is beneficial to serve the Lord and allow him to love on you. Thank You for listening to me reminisce today! After all it is the day the Lord allowed me to take a breath on this earth he created! The scripture states he knew us in our mothers womb! Jeremiah 29:11 says he has plans for us..plans for good and not evil to give a future and a hope! Happy Birthday to all of you!

Psalms 37:23-24

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I was approached by a friend  today who told me about how the Lord prevented him from being in a car crash that ended with the person in front of him dead. He stated how his wife was awakened in the middle of the night before to pray for safety for thier family and some of the details of her dream were eerily seen in his travels. That is how much God loves us…the thief comes to steal kill and destroy but God has plans for good and not for evil and is looking out for us BEFORE things happen! Psalms 37-23-24 states , ” The Lord directs the steps of the Godly. HE DELIGHTS IN EVERY DETAIL OF THIER LIVES. (EMPASIS MINE!) 24″ Though they stumble they willnever fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand.” Why is it  hard at times for us to beleive that God is interested in “every detail” of our lives when he says that even the hairs on our head are numbered? I have often times found myself NOT praying for things because it hadn’t occurred to me that God would be interested in the smallest detail of something I felt I may be able to take care of on my own without involving the Lord. However according to Psalm 37, God is interested in everything about my life…every detail…! I picture it like this; We are God’s children no matter what our age. Now a human parent such as a Mother of Father of a child is interested in every detail of thier childs life…such as do they look presentable in public…hair combed…clean underwear (HA!) etc…u get the picture. So you see God is just as interested in us as well. He loves us with a love thats hard for me to comprehend. He watched as we nailed his son to a tree and shed Gods own blood! His own blood but yet he so loved us he gave! Today my friends join me in allowing God to help us grow as we share every detail of our lives with him. Every detail of how your heart may be hurting, may be joyful, may have financial and personal needs etc. Lets go to him with thanksgiving and praise in our hearts and share with him the most intimate fearful hurts and needs and allow him to love on us! I can’t wait to see how he answers in your life and mine! Please share it with me!

Thank You-Stay Connected!

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As most of you know I have been wrapped up in a full time job and then spending time recording and writing and promoting my cd and music and books! It’s a lot to do but in God’s grace i do all things while he is strengthening me! Which brings me to a point to speak about. I have learned it doesn’t matter how much music I write, how many books I write or sell if I don’t stay connected to one who gives me the wellspring of life. Psalm 1:2 “But his delight is in the law of the Lord, and on his word he meditates day and night.” My life, my joy , my strength are all found in him! Sounds simple I know-It’s walking it out that seems to be the hard part at times! God is not waiting for me to save the world.He is waiting for me to engage in the relationship with him!  I love the word of God, I love the presence of the Holy Spirit and I love to see my brothers and sisters doing well in the Lord! Please stay connected daily with the Lord and please stay connected with me! Let me know whats on your heart and mind. I love praying for you all! Talk to you soon!

The Lord Looks to Strengthen Us

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This is one of those mornings where I woke up feeling overwhelmed with what life has thrown at me. Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t whining and I will be the first to tell you I am a blessed man living in a blessed time serving a blessed Lord. I pray Psalm 103 aloud, “forgetting not all his benefits.” You know as well as I do even when we walk with the Lord and we are taking ground in our lives that the opposition does all it can to stifle us and discourage us. If you don’t recognize that perhaps you aren’t in the fight. Many times opposition signifies we are making some sort of progress. But the encouraging thing is found in 2 Chronicles 16:9 (New International Version)
9 “For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” Our Lord is a good Father who daily cares for his family and looks to strengthen us when he finds us down or possibly struggling. He doesn’t walk by and say something like “Oh well that’s their problem,” Our Father actually looks for us and looks to see if we need to be strengthened. That is very encouraging. Our heavenly Father hasn’t left us to be devoured by sin, sickness, disease, or opposition. He is right where he said he would be; Looking for us.

Howard’s Helpful Hint: Centered people rely on a strength that’s not their own.

Become Renewed

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Psalm 51:10 (New International Version) 10 “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me.” I have been reading a great book by Jentezen Franklin titled, “Fasting.” Anyone who knows of Jentezen and his ministry knows he is a firm believer in fasting and often talks of the benefits both spiritual and physical. I like the fact that he emphasizes that it isn’t an easy thing to do and he has such a practical approach to fasting. Well you probably guessed it. I see so many of us who seem to need a renewal and sanctification of motives, desires, attitudes, our flesh, and frankly a right spirit. We all know David’s story of failure with Bathsheba but I’m focusing on Our God’s forgiving and restoration desire and power for us. In the Old Testament God didn’t leave David on his own. In the New Testament he didn’t leave you and I alone either. I am sensing a season of of forgiving restoration power for anyone who wants to grab it. I was speaking to a friend of mine last night and I find very often that the reason we don’t gain more ground for God and solidify more of God’s ways in our lives is because we don’t want to pay the price that it takes to get past the things that we struggle with. We become comfortable with them and some sin can be like an old friend waiting to make us feel good for a moment and then feel terrible for a month! I’m not necessarily focusing on sin but lets say you and I want more power and more of God’s movement in our lives than just the daily prayers and salutations. Then speaking for me and some of you we are going to have to pay a bigger price. You have heard it said that the most expensive things in life cost the most. That’s no different spiritually. We want the best; we have to pay the price. God sent his son Jesus so we could have access to him and his ways, but it is up to you and I to tap into them. So here I go…Time to pay the price. I am encouraged though, I believe it will be well worth it! I can miss a meal or two and spend more time in prayer! It isn’t going to hurt me. Read Isaiah 58 and 59 see the benefits of fasting and paying the price. I will write more as I walk this road. Your prayers are appreciated.

Howard’s Helpful Hint: Centered people pay the price required by scripture to get where they desire to go.

The Lord Watches Over Us

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Psalm 33:18 (New Living Translation)18 “But the Lord watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his unfailing love.” Our heavenly Father is a loving God who is trustworthy and just in all things. I am taking comfort in the fact that God is truly watching over me and my family. He isn’t an innocent bystander just glancing here and there and not engaged. He is actively watching over and protecting and guiding his people who rely on his unfailing love. How do I rely on his unfailing love? Just as I wrote that our Heavenly Father isn’t idly standing by; we shouldn’t be either. I have to remind myself at times, that I have to be engaged and actively reading the word, praying the word and believing the word. God isn’t going to do that for me. There are so many promises I may not even know pertain to me just because I ha vent read it and prayed it in his word. The scripture states that God is no respecter of persons. it also states that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Therefore i should be able to have what his word says i can have. The Holy Spirit is watching over you and I and longing to engage us in conversation and worship. The Lord is watching over us. That doesn’t mean that nothing bad, hard or wrong cannot enter our lives today. It does mean that he is right along side of us, loving us, and holding us up when the good or bad decides to come along. Thank your heavenly father today for all his loving watching eye on you.

Howard’s Helpful Hint: Centered people develop an awareness of the goodness of God.

Praise and Don’t Forget

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Psalm 103:2 (New International Version)2 “Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits.” I find that during the hard seasons of life I tend to focus on the issue at hand or problem and not always on what I should be focused on. The problem always seems to stay forefront in my mind. So I made a conscious decision to do something about that. Throughout my recent weeks I have been opening my bible and out loud I voice and pray Psalm 103. I declare to God that he alone forgives all my sins, heals my diseases, redeems my life from the pit, crowns me with love and compassion, satisfies my life with good things, renews my youth like the eagles, works righteousness and justice on my behalf when i am oppressed, makes his ways and deeds known, is compassionate and gracious, Is slow to anger and abounding in love, does not treat me according to my sins, has removed my transgressions as far as the east is from the west, and has compassion on me like a father with his very own child. All of that just from Psalm 103! There are many many more reasons to praise the Lord, but i have to admit that is a pretty good start. So today if you find yourself under attack and feeling less appreciated and thinking life has passed you by; refocus on the Father and Praise him for who he is and thank him for all his benefits. Even if I never got to experience any of his benefits here on earth (which I have by the way) I still have been granted salvation by his son Jesus obedience on the cross.
So today I will Praise and not forget.

Howard’s Helpful Hint: Centered people remind themselves of God’s goodness and benefits.