Do you want to be the best leader you can be? Leadership success is within your reach. . Author Howard Lull’s creatively designed Leadership Lessons Learned are a must read! He leads you away from the chaos and into the knowledge of how to apply the lessons to laying a foundation for continued success.. While the world around you challenges you in ways that are tiring and intense, you will learn to manage and lead through the hardest of times. In the very midst of hardship, this author discovered that he had to leave his comfort zone and take risks. Lull blazed the trail and now he lights the way for others as he helps them to discover leadership lessons and applications. Don’t settle for being a second tier leader. Open these pages and get started—you, too, can Learn to Live the Leadership Lessons and enjoy success!

Author Howard Lull RN, BSN, and MHA is founder of L3 Consulting Inc. and has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare profession as a clinician and hospital administrator in Missouri,Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York. As a Consultant he specializes process analysis as well as in executive coaching and leader building, as well as being a sought-after speaker. Howard currently resides in Syracuse, New York, with his wife Brenda, daughter Jacqueline, and son Zachary. Howard has run 12 marathons and numerous other races, enjoys spending time with family and friends, travels, and is an avid fan of sports and music.